Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Libertarian Party mess and why it gives hopes for a third party rising

For years, the Libertarian Party has been the protest vote. As the party that represents liberty within its name and individual freedoms within its platform, it was a natural fit for hundreds of thousands of conservatives who were done with the Republican Party. This was supposed to be their year. This was supposed to be the time when the Democrats and Republicans put up such weak candidates that the Libertarian Party could work its way into the debates and therefore into national prominence.

Then, they blew it. They decided to follow suit with the other parties by nominating their variation of a bad candidate. Gary Johnson seems to be a good man with some strong, albeit basic, ideas of how to fix the country. His qualities end there, though, as he has proven time and again on the campaign trail that he’s absolutely not ready to be Commander-in-Chief. Now, we’re seeing the party that had its best chance ever splitting; Vice Presidential candidate Bill Weld said this week he’s going to focus on hurting Trump while Johnson said he can’t win and will focus on attacking Hillary.

Another opportunity to break the two-party system was flushed down the toilet.

This seems like bad news for those who would like to see three or more valid options instead of the binary choices that have plagued this country for decades. In reality, it’s the best possible news. As we strive to grow our new conservative party, one of the biggest roadblocks has been convincing people that the current third-party options cannot be salvaged. The Constitution Party has never been able to reach any level of significance despite existing for a quarter century. America’s Party has some good people at its core, but its plan for growth is nonexistent. Both will end up showing no improvement from their 2012 voting numbers. Now, it seems the Libertarians are facing the same fate.

Our new party has already been gaining traction despite the facts that it won’t officially launch until after the election and as of today it does not have an official name. We have the working title of “Unified Conservative Party” and it’s just that – a working title. This has caused many to question us about the name, not realizing that as a working title, it won’t be the final version. As with all working titles, the idea is to have something that people can clearly understand. Sometimes, working titles end up being the final version. “Snakes on a Plane” was a working title that stuck. Our working title will not stick. Before launch, the real name will be revealed.

Where other third parties have failed is in velocity. Since the 19th century, they’ve never been able to achieve the proper velocity to be able to make a real impact. Achieving this velocity requires a party to remain under the radar until they have enough participants to jump into the scene. If they are revealed too early, the Establishment (unified from both major parties) will quash them immediately. The combination of three circumstances give us great hope for the future.

  1. Voter angst in 2016 gives us the mandate to move forward.
  2. Modern growth strategies that have only become available with the rise of social media and the internet empower us to take the message to the masses in ways that other third parties have failed miserably to accomplish.
  3. A passionate and talented core that is coming together nicely tells us that we’re onto something.

We probably wouldn’t even be talking about this had the Libertarian Party nominated Austin Petersen. They chose to go down the non-conservative road; in many ways, Johnson is more of a moonbat than a freedom guy. Still, it’s another indicator that this nation needs a strong and conservative third party to rise and enable patriots to lead America once again.

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