Monday, October 17, 2016

Reviving Conservative Haven

There was a time when this site showed promise of actually being something special. Traffic to the site was on a continuous rise. Writers were coming on board. It was going to be the place where conservatives could go and know that, despite the dreaded plague of liberalism throughout mainstream media, they could get a proper right-leaning perspective on the world.

Things happened. We launched a conservative news aggregator to combat the alt-right tendencies and mega-Trump-love coming from the big boy at Drudge Report. I still have a family to feed and a business to run, so this site fell through the cracks. For months, we’ve only managed a handful of posts.

That’s changing. We are in the process of bringing on a new full-time editor at The New Americana, so some of the writers and I will be able to put more emphasis on this site. The goal is to keep it relatively short here; more in-depth articles and commentaries will go on The New Americana while I’ll put my other longer writings at Soshable. Here, we’ll focus on reactions to the news rather than simply reporting the news itself.

Please check back often. We’re going to try to update it multiple times per day. I can promise that the talented writers posting here will have authoritative voices and fresh perspectives on the news. I’ve worked with many of them to harness their skills for discerning the truth and telling it from a conservative lens. Hopefully, you’ll find some pretty amazing content here regularly.

Stay tuned!

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