Tuesday, October 18, 2016

If you’ve thrown in the towel for conservatism, pick it back up

Every day, there’s a feeling of dread that comes over me. It’s quick; I’ve learned to recognize it and either think through it if it’s mild or pray through it if it’s severe. The dread I feel is that the country and the world may be heading in directions from which we can never return. The road leading left. The direction of lawlessness. The path away from God.

Most days, I receive a stark reminder that we, the Christian Constitutional conservatives who once made up a large portion of America, are being assaulted from every angle. Liberalism has embedded itself in education and the media. Godlessness is en vogue. Perhaps worst of all, many of the once-diligent fighters for freedom and faith are cutting deals, making exceptions, and accepting that any attempts at purity or principles are futile and therefore we must sacrifice our values for the sake of expediency.

Some days, I think about throwing in the towel. I wonder what it would be like to move out of southern California to a secluded area away from the struggles. I could just focus on my family and my business and stay away from the tumult of politics and world events.

Today, I’m throwing away the towel altogether. Throwing it in the ring and declaring surrender is no longer an option and I encourage every God-fearing, America-loving person to do the same. This is a fight that will continue whether we defend ourselves or not. It’s a battle that will find its way into our personal backyards regardless of where we go or how well we prepare. We are in a time of world war in which the enemy wants to take away our principles. They want compliance. When they have enough people complying, they will demand obedience. Soon after they have obedience, the sole of their boots will be on our necks, a position from which we cannot recover.

I will not comply.

Faith, family and country are worth protecting. Retreat is not an option. They will find us no matter where we go. As we look at an upcoming election that will almost certainly give us one of two anti-freedom Presidents, the pressing need to be better and do more has increased. We must unite and fight. The Republican Party will no longer defend us as their leftward lurch has made it hard to distinguish them from Democrats. There are fighters within the party who can help, but they’re few and far between.

This is a call to all patriots, but in particular it’s a call to those who have thrown in their political towels. You, the people who have bled and wept for your country only to see it press onward towards oblivion, are the people who cannot give up hope. You must pick up your towel and get back in this fight. If nobody represents you in government, let’s put better people in there. If you’ve fought for good people who were pushed aside for more pragmatic/liberal alternatives, push forward for the next fight.

It’s not just about elections. This is about calling out those who push liberalism. It’s about calling out those who claim the conservative mantle during elections but who toss it aside while in office. It’s about declaring with a unified voice that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are still in play and therefore still require defense.

We are building a new party. It will be one based solely on principles. The conservative philosophy of defending our God-given rights has no real champions in party form. There are good Libertarians. There are good Constitution Party members. There are even good Republicans. However, no party has risen above the hypocrisy to focus its efforts on principles. That’s what we’re going to do. Pick up your towel and join us.

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