Friday, November 1, 2013

The Confusing GMO Law Landscape

GMO Corn

One of the best tricks that genetic mutation companies like Monsanto like to use is confusion. They often partner with their cronies in Washington DC and at the state level to make the laws as complex and self-protective as possible, leaving citizens in the precarious position of either not having the ability to clearly understand the laws or rejecting of the time that it takes to get to know them.

They do this using their best tool – money. By confusing the issues and making good laws look bad while making bad laws look good, they’re able to keep the general public both confused and frustrated. Labeling, as simple as the concept is, stands as one of the most hotly contested components in the fight over GMO. One would think that getting a law passed that compels food distributors to simply label their food is a no-brainer, but it has been met with extremely challenging roadblocks.

Here’s everything that you need to kn0w about the laws that exist and the ones that do not… yet, from the Huffington Post.

GMO Law Infographic

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