Sunday, November 3, 2013

Green Incarceration

Green Jail

There’s a jail that’s as green as they come in… wait for it… the San Francisco Bay area. Santa Rita Jail has all of the qualities of a top-notch environmentally friendly build: solar energy, wind energy, fuel cells, and batteries that charge at night during low-consumption periods. The combination is turning into some money savings for the jail and is doing what it can to not be a blight on society from an environmental perspective.

Are green jails the future? Read more about it on The Atlantic:

That makes Santa Rita perhaps the world’s greenest modern jail, according to a discussion at a recent conference. It, and other large-scale infrastructure projects like it, are another sign that institutions are beginning to pull the plug on a century-old energy business model in which a monopoly utility sells electricity at a regulated rate for a regulated profit to captive customers. “We’re saving a $100,000 a year while generating our own renewable energy,” Matt Muniz, Alameda County’s energy program manager, said of the facility at a recent conference in San Francisco.

Read More: The Atlantic

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