Friday, November 1, 2013

Pacu Jawi: The Cow Mud Racing Spectacle of West Sumatra

Pacu Jawi 1

Some have called it animal cruelty. Others have called it human cruelty. Either way, the mud cow races of West Sumatra, Pacu Jawi, is a spectacle unlike anything else in the world.

It’s a sport. It’s also a test. If you can keep the cows together and avoid eating too much mud on the way while biting the tails of the cows to make them run faster, then you passed. If anything falls apart, you failed. That’s the challenge.

According to National Geographic:

Pacu Jawi is a traditional racing game in west Sumatra that has lasted hundreds of years. played after the rice harvest season

Below are some more images followed by a video from a recent event.

Pacu Jawi 2

Pacu Jawi 3

Pacu Jawi 4

Pacu Jawi 5

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