Saturday, November 2, 2013

Slow Loris: Utterly Adorable and Dying Thanks to YouTube

Slow Loris

Saying that the slow loris is the most venomous primate in the world is sort of a trap. It’s the only venomous primate in the world.

These little lemurs from Southeast Asia and West Indonesia have absolutely gorgeous and able to see very well at night. Unfortunately, they are so adorable, so cute, that many want them as pets. Because of the demand, they are being trapped and their venomous front teeth are being removed before getting shipped. This can cause infection or death, not to mention the cruel and unspeakable methods that are used to remove its teeth.

First, we’ll show a video that demonstrates how cute one really can be. Then, we’ll show the reality, that these are not dogs or cats that do well as pets. Despite how cute they are, these endangered animals are the victim of the popularity they achieved on YouTube. Now, they’re coveted. It’s a shame that their beauty is what makes people want to do harm to them by having them as pets.

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