Saturday, July 30, 2016

Trump’s Idea of Sacrifice is an Insult, so #TrumpSacrifices Trends

With liberalism often comes delusion. With delusion often comes indignation. Donald Trump’s liberalism has spawned into the delusion that his sacrifices of hard work helping to hire employees and erect buildings is comparable to the sacrifices parents make when their children are killed in battle serving their country.

This election year has forced journalists to make some hard choices. I’ve attempted throughout the cycle to maintain a discipline of evaluating facts while minimizing the spin associated with those facts, but it’s becoming harder with Trump. It’s not because of personal feelings. It’s because Trump himself has a tendency to spin the facts against him to the point that conservative journalists have to either apologize for him or condemn him for what he says. This is one of those cases where condemnation is due. First, watch the segment of his interview this morning.

The portion that many are focusing on was when he pointed out that the mother wasn’t speaking because she may not have been allowed. In reality, this may or may not be true and shouldn’t really be the focus. When Trump talks about the tenets of Islam and the dangers of radical Islamic terrorists, that tends to dominate the reactions by the media. The real zinger here had nothing to do with their religion. A patriotic American went to fight for our country and died. His sacrifices and the sacrifice of his family are so far above and beyond the “sacrifices” that Trump has made with hard work that it shouldn’t even be compared in the same interview.

As a result, #TrumpSacrifices is trending on Twitter. Here is a sampling:

The important thing to note is that Trump brings these things onto himself. As President, his callous nature and irresponsible way of demeaning others will represent our country. That more than anything else he could do to damage foreign relations is arguably the worst.

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