Monday, July 4, 2016

The BDS Movement Must Be Exposed

To the uninitiated, the BDS anti-Israel movement might actually seem righteous. Based upon leftist spin in mainstream media, anti-Israeli decrees and policies at the United Nations, and lukewarm rhetoric from the current White House, one might be easily led to believe that Israel is the bad guy and that the Palestinians deserve to be part of a two-state solution. Whether that’s true or not is up for debate, but what most don’t realize is that the BDS movement is not promoting a two-state solution.

This is likely a surprise to many since they have been led to believe that BDS wants equality for Palestinians. In fact, they want superiority for Palestinians. They want to to turn Jews into the minority in the only country they can call their own. They want a return to what was once called Palestine. What they fail to understand is that it was Judea before it was Palestine. It’s easy to see why this is misunderstood; even Wikipedia says that Judea is the southern part of “Palestine” rather than acknowledging Israel.

The LA Times has a nice piece (hard to believe, I know) that highlights the problems with the BDS movement and the plight of Israel as a nation today.

As long as we allow the false perception that the BDS movement is working towards equality, we’ll never be able to truly help our only full-blown ally in the Middle East. Unlike all other “allies,” they work with us on everything. The same cannot be said about any other Middle East country, even Saudi Arabia.

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