Thursday, July 28, 2016

North Korea Accuses U.S. of Declaring War. No Response from DC, but Twitter Responds with Memes.

There was a time when no country would dare to declare war on the United States. Those days are behind us, not just because of the weakness of the Obama administration but also because those who are crazy enough to declare was in this day an age are ridiculous. Such is the case of the North Korean government who today announced that they consider the U.S. sanctioned Kim Jong Un and several other N. Korean politicians.

Of course, there’s nothing major coming out of Washington on this development since they don’t really take nuclear N. Korea seriously, but Twitter responded by making it the top trending topic for a while. Rather than concern, the vast majority of Tweets regarding the news were memes.

Here’s a sampling:

In reality, N. Korea could be a threat to just about any country. They’re unhinged and nuclear. That makes them dangerous. Still, nobody’s going to take them seriously.

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