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3 out of 4 Voters Thought Radical Islamic Terrorism was a Threat to the US Before the Rise of ISIS

Radical Islamic Terrorists

75% of American voters believed that radical Islamic terrorists posed a threat to the United States… back in January. This was at the start of the rising Islamic State, when President Obama still considered them to be “junior varsity”.

The statistic was not surprising to hear at first. With threats being seen through social media, prominent government officials acting sincerely concerned, and the free-for-all southern border allowing people to cross at will, it’s no surprise that people are concerned today. The surprising part came when I realized that the survey was from January, 2014. While the fear itself is discouraging by its very existence, it’s encouraging to see that the mainstream media and Washington DC have not been able to pull the wool over the majority of Americans’ eyes.

If it was 75% back then, it should be well over 80% today. That doesn’t mean that anything appropriate will be done about it. The reality is that there might not be much we can do about it. Thanks to over a decade of war on terror, a fearful America is still not willing to stomach more troops in the Middle East. Even that might not be enough against a force like the Islamic State. They are extremely well funded with untold assets that could allow them to cross en masse, fully armed and ready to wait for the word to strike.

If penniless children can easily make it across the border, what could possibly stop terrorists with plenty of money and incentive?

Then, there’s the fact that they’re a self-sustaining military now. Every victory makes them stronger. They have American weapons. They are growing in strength with Middle East recruits every day.

The worst fear, of course, is that if they are as sophisticated as they appear, then recruiting within our own borders will not be challenging. It doesn’t take as much coaxing as one might believe to turn intelligent Americans against their own country through the promises of a Muslim afterlife. Our people are no more equipped to deal with the subtle brainwashing than their own people. In fact, there are circles within the country that would make it easier to recruit here rather than having more people cross the border.

They can and likely will be able to put a plan in motion that is much more dangerous than the 9/11 attacks. This is a different terrorist organization than any we’ve faced. The forces that we fought during the Gulf Wars were not as well equipped or organized as the Islamic State. Even al-Qaeda, Hamas, or the Muslim Brotherhood fall short of what ISIS could become.

There’s something different and terrifying about ISIS, ISIL, the Islamic State, or whatever they should be called today. These aren’t Hussein’s troops that would surrender to journalists. They’re not bin Laden’s network that pulled off two major attacks before going into a decade of hiding and failed attacks. They’re not Hamas praying for more and better supplies to hide in schools and hospitals. The Islamic State is the most ominous threat to the United States since the USSR during the height of Cold War tension.

If 75% of Americans were concerned 9 months ago, then 99% should be concerned today.

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