Sunday, August 24, 2014

US Economy Isn’t Sure What To Do

Economic Questions

By some indicators, everything is heading in the right direction. From other perspectives, we’re no better now than when we were in a full-blown recession. The US economy is proving to be less of a bull or a bear and more of a chameleon as we approach the holiday season.

It seems to be a problem with trust. More people are working. More companies are hiring. However, neither the employers nor the employees are spending the money that they’re making. Investments for growth and prosperity are still hanging at dangerously low marks, prompting some economists to wonder what it will take to get the negative economic numbers to align with the positive ones.

As MarketWatch calls it, we’re experiencing a double-sided economy:

A slate of reports this week on business investment, consumer spending and home sales is unlikely to alter the outlook. The economy is growing faster, but it’s still not firing on all cylinders and too many Americans are still without jobs, a point emphasized by Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen.

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